Unleashing the JEWEL

Family Empowerment Conference

Our Mission: To create a life changing experience where women, men youth, and children will have an opportunity to achieve a new level of spiritual elevation, empowerment, empowerment, renewal and revitalization

We are a dynamic group of women from all walks of life united to complete the Lord's work by strengthening families through the hosting of weekend long conferences.  Our mission is to: Empower, Encourage, Equip and Transform women, men and children, so they may enjoy living a Joyous, Elevated and Effective Life for Jesus Christ.  ln 2018, our conference focused on empowering families to regain their status as the hallmark of our communities with a central focus of becoming Unleashed to Soar.

We encourage you to come discover the endless possibilities that have already been promised to you by registering your family to attend our 7th ULTJ Conference in 2019.


Please visit our website to register and find more information.